The Author's Reviews


September 6, 2015

Greetings in JESUS,
          The thought of a demon asking to be cast out of a girl was as daring a thought as it was hilarious… So, on my first reading of Bill Dancy’s new book in a Pastors meeting this week, I was overcome with laughter. I laughed harder than I’ve laughed in a long time. I laughed so hard that I had to lay my head upon the table.

          Bill’s book is written often in a narrative. It’s a story of his own spiritual journey into the depth of spiritual clashes with the underworld. But, I complimented him on how reliant on scripture Bill is in his writings. The book is chock full of Bible. Always careful to be accountable to the Word of God, Bill did his due diligence. Always accountable to others, Bill made sure to bring his new book to his fellow Pastors for scrutiny and review. And always accountable he even requested artistic review from us.

          Though I laughed hard and hardy that should not cause us to take the spiritual world and its warfare lightly. It’s a serious and deadly subject (John 10). The book will be available to all before October. Bill Dancy has taught “Spiritual Warfare” for a number of years. His classes at LOVELAND have always been amongst our best attended during the Sunday School hour. Some even come from other churches to participate in the outstanding reflections and to learn how to overcome the enemies devices. Families have been liberated. Men have been set free. Some have discovered that the recurring addiction problem kept coming back because it was not the taste of alcohol or the aroma of marihuana nor the thrill of drugs but the dark forces of the spirit world targeting them for defeat. They’ve found Victory through Pastor Dancy’s teachings.

          Finally, Bill has put it in a book… Before the month of October it should be available in the LOVELAND bookstore.

Joyfully in Jesus


Chuck Singleton, Sr. Pastor