The Author's Reviews

By Peggy Madkins

Chapter one, first paragraph, first sentence:  “Spiritual Warfare is about prayer.”  It couldn’t be expressed any clearer.  William F. Dancy Jr., prefaces his introduction by acknowledging that the Word of God is the measuring stick, the plumb line, the ultimate resource on Spiritual Warfare; however after the Bible, Dancy suggests that this book, Spiritual Warfare, will uncover numerous nuances about spiritual warfare not before expressed in other books in this category (field).

Dancy Jr.’s, Spiritual Warfare, is a handbook, an interactive treatise on doing business in the spirit—spiritual warfare business.  It is about getting deep—deep in your spiritual walk while using the tools provided.  Second Corinthians 10:3, “… the weapons of our warfare…” are powerful spiritually designed weapons for the purpose of destroying strongholds.  Dancy asserts, “In Spiritual Warfare, we must know how and when to summon those spiritually designed weapons” (154).  The sharpest, most deadly physical instrument doesn’t have a chance against that which God has spiritually designed.   Dancy implores us to learn more about our spiritual senses when using the weapons of our warfare.   As the excited bid whist player relishes in exclaiming while holding out for the game winning book, “Cutting that!”  There is no match to God’s providentially designed victory.  

Spiritual Warfare is unusual in that between each chapter there is a prayer preceding and concluding it, the Alpha and the Omega, the Bread of Life.   Though the meat is typically found between the bread, don’t bypass fulfillment by choosing to trim off the edges.  My contention is that without the bread, it’s not a real sandwich.  For maximum benefit, read the prayers out loud while studying the text—that is, eat the bread and all.   One more word of caution, don’t read past the footnotes (133), or you’ll be sorry.  Believe me when I say that you’ll miss some Word that has your name on it!

If you’ve ever needed a simple definition, yet not, of God’s sovereignty, Dancy provides an effective one, “…the ability of God to do what He wants, when He wants, where He wants, how He wants, how much He wants, how long He wants, and why He wants, with whomever He wants, and to always do it right!”  With that definition of God’s sovereignty in mind, he asks you to consider this question when God calls you to do something, “How would you feel knowing that you were God’s third choice” as evidenced by the other ‘abilitied’ folks who could have already been doing that task, and possibly had already been asked to perform it?  Dancy thoughtfully poses this pointed question as one to chew on…  (I’m still at a loss.)    

Spiritual Warfare, the Handbook, (Part I), is a dense compilation of truths, axioms and anecdotes told in such a way that it has something for every believer – from the learned Biblical scholar to the unsaved seeker.   Working through the power of the Holy Spirit, Dancy unveils his keen insights enabling even the babe in Christ to understand principles of spiritual warfare.   Additional treasures found in Dancy’s, Spiritual Warfare which might otherwise go unmined in other spiritual warfare texts include: 

Asking God what to ask for—be in agreement with what He has purposed (112);
God’s sovereignty and the fullness of His perfect time (125);
The paradox of time spent in prayer, while resting in Him (130);
Hearing the footsteps of God (119); and
Why changing the environment prior to going into battle reaps the best results.

It’s been a while since I’ve been moved to share everything that I could remember about a particular article, book, or sermon, and repeatedly say for the third or fourth time, “You’ve got to read it for yourself.”   A movie perhaps, but a text, not recently.  Bill Dancy’s, Spiritual Warfare, exhorts you to think, ponder and pray (not necessarily in that order).  You’ll be rewarded with more insights about God’s eternal promise to put your enemies (likewise, His enemies) under your feet.  Read it for yourself with an expectation of victory – knowing that our God is indeed, Sovereign; and his Sovereignty is unwavering.  He IS holding the trump card (133), which means so are you!